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Our group of fabrication and field services companies has the experience, capabilities and agility to make large industrial projects manageable, delivering the best possible outcomes for clients in various industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, fertilizer, and cement.

Work with us, and you’ll see why Calibre sets the standard against which all big industrial projects should be compared.

At Calibre Industrial Group, customers benefit from our unique collaborative process. Our diverse network encourages contribution, yielding exceptional results to enhance your industrial project.

Throughout North America, we offer diverse services, with specialties in:

  • fabrication of pressure vessels
  • custom steel fabrication
  • industrial mechanical contracting
  • field construction & repair and maintenance of above ground storage tanks
  • boiler repair and installation

We have a deep understanding of every industry we serve and a track record for delivering proven solutions in each. Something earned through our decades of experience.

Summary of Specialties and Companies

Pressure vessel fabrication is delivered through CESSCO Fabrication & Engineering Ltd. (Western Canada), Savico – Labrador Metal Works (Eastern Canada) and Tex-Fab, Inc. (Southern United States). They have the expertise, equipment, and capacity to take on some of the largest projects on the continent!

Custom steel fabrication is provided through Northern Steel Ltd. (Western Canada), Brumley Manufacturing Inc. (Southern United States), and Savico – Labrador Metal Works (Eastern Canada). Field construction tanks are provided through TIW Steel Platework (Canada) and RMF Tank Services (United States).

Industrial mechanical contracting is offered through Marshall Industries Ltd. (Eastern Canada) offers, completing overhauls and general maintenance on mining equipment.

CESSCO Fabrication and Engineering
Brumley Manufacturing Inc.
Savico Labrador Metal Works
Northern Steel
RMF Tank Services
TIW Steel Platework
Pressure Vessel

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We make big projects manageable.

Making big projects manageable.