Steel fabrication is the backbone of our industry, and it shapes all our services, figuratively and literally. We hold several companies that are experts in fabricating vessels, tanks, structural components, and custom parts from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Overlays, Alloys and other exotic metals, making us uniquely qualified to analyze your projects and determine the best path forward for you, accounting for your specific needs.

Expertise in fabrication and welding, built on years of experience

Known for handling big projects, BC-based Northern Steel has been performing steel fabrication for platework, structural components, and pressure vessels for the oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, chemical, and other resource-based industries since 1977.

They’re known for their work with steel, but with a team of experts on staff, specifically chosen for their drive to constantly learn and improve, Northern Steel has developed expertise in specialty metals, including copper, aluminum, astralloy, ferralium, titanium, and other unique alloys in a way that very few fabrication and welding shops ever do, and certainly not with the depth of experience that Northern Steel has gained. Northern Steel is even capable of refurbishing existing OEM equipment of unknown material grade and performing positive material identifications.

Northern Steel understands quality is a pillar for fabrication projects and operates under several quality certifications, including ISO 9001, CWB, and CISC Steel Bridge Certification. They verify tolerances are met and employ certified welding/quality control inspectors in addition to certifying all their processes and equipment through third-party calibration, monthly internal audits, and regular equipment upgrades. Northern Steel is also a licensed boiler and pressure vessel contractor for British Columbia.

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Built by quality, and continuing to strive for perfection

Brumley Manufacturing began operations in Texas in 2006 and hold their ISO 9001 quality certification, National Board “R” Stamp, American Welding Society D1.1, American Society of Mechanical Engineering “U” Stamp, and several other certifications along with a dedication to quality work and service that’s ingrained in every employee they hire.

Operating 24/7, Brumley is among the most responsive companies in our industrial group with one of the lowest lead times. This constant operation in association with their dedication to quality means they’ve built a level of experience and expertise beyond what most companies manage this early into their establishment.

Brumley is experienced and equipped to handle fabrication of structural steel, custom trailers, pressure vessels, skids, process piping, and any custom projects. Experience and hard work have made Brumley flexible. By the nature of the industry, they often work with clients from the oil & gas and energy industries, but they will execute any projects that can utilize their skills.

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Building quality since 1959

Savico Ltd, along with its division Labrador Metal Works (LMW), is a full-service steel fabrication company operating out of Quebec and New Brunswick. They’ve been providing quality steel fabricated products for over 65 years and operate under the Canadian Welding Bureau certification, CSA Std 47.1 Div 2, ASME codes, and the ISO 9001 quality management system.

With strategically located facilities in Berthierville, QC, and Bathurst, NB, adjacent to the port of Belledune for efficient handling of oversized shipments, Savico specializes in a diverse range of steel products for industries like petrochemical, mining, and energy.

Their capabilities are extensive, featuring High Definition 5-axis burn tables, 7-axis Robotic Welding Stations, and a wide range of steel processing techniques including Laser Welding, machining, rolling, and forming. Additionally, they offer various types of linings such as rubber, ceramic, and welding overlays and can paint parts to the highest NACE standards, providing a turnkey experience on every project.

With nearly a hundred different types of welding procedures from mild steel to exotic alloys, Savico-LMW has established itself as a one-stop solution, handling the most complex projects from engineering to delivery.

Renowned for manufacturing custom-designed API flanged/bolted silos, apron feeders, refractory-lined FCCU cyclones, ASME water-cooled blasting furnace parts, ASME pressure vessels and piping, pan filter systems, and rubber-lined pump boxes, Savico also repairs and refurbishes a wide array of mining and processing equipment.

Together, Savico and LMW are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through superior workmanship and timely service, while maintaining safety and quality as top priorities.

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