Industrial Mechanical Contracting

Industrial Mechanical Contracting

Industrial Mechanical Contracting and Construction requires a highly qualified and coordinated team of expert tradespeople just like ours. In the case of Industrial Mechanical Contracting and Construction, these services are most often employed for large-scale mechanical systems in the production and storage facilities of heavy and resource-based industries like mining, oil and gas, refining, and forestry.

These systems are complex and require the expertise of highly coordinated teams with skills in a variety of disciplines including, millwright, iron work, pipefitting, welding, carpentry, and numerous others.

Skilled maintenance and exceptional customer service.

Marshall Industries is a COR and CWB certified heavy industrial mechanical service provider, specializing in the maintenance and overhaul of processing and operational mining equipment. Based in Newfoundland, Marshall has facilities with over 22,000 square feet of combined workshop space and a vast fleet of equipment, they’re well situated and equipped to meet the needs of Atlantic Canada’s iron ore sector.

Marshall is backed by teams of highly qualified tradespeople including millwrights, welders, carpenters, scaffolders, and confined space attendants, among others as well as a full complement of administrative and project management staff, dedicated to not only the smooth operation of their projects, but also the exceptional customer service that they are known for.

Learn more about Marshall Industries and how their synergistic teamwork can support your industrial mechanical service needs.