Storage Tanks & Boilers

Storage tank and boiler systems require a wide range of expertise, not least of which because often, they can not be built entirely in a shop. Especially those projects that are designed to solve problems for heavy industries like oil & gas, mining, and chemical, which we at Calibre Industrial Group typically take on. We lean on our expertise in field construction as the natural solution.

We are set apart by efficiently supporting your facility or remote areas with tank services and your direct fired/steam generation projects through in-house engineering, drafting, project management, QA/QC, and full field services for turn-key projects and stand-alone field services.

Erecting more storage capacity, more efficiently than any other competitor

Based in Ontario, TIW Steel Platework has been successfully leading the industry in large, advanced storage and boiler tank projects for a century. Never one to rest on their laurels, they’ve built their company culture around constantly learning and improving on their methods and practices backed by the expertise and experience that only comes with time.

Field construction for storage tanks and boilers requires a number of disciplines by nature, and TIW is backed by a strong project management system that shapes how they track and monitor their large-scale field erection processes in order to quickly and efficiently adapt to, and manage the challenges that come from working in remote, and uncontrolled environments that field construction encompasses.

TIW’s field erected storage tank projects include:

  • API 650 tanks of various configurations
  • API 620 tanks for low temperature and cryogenic storage
  • Aboveground flat bottom water storage tanks
  • Large-scale multi-tank projects
  • AWWA
  • ASME

TIW’s boiler and steam generator services include:

  • Supporting client needs from repairs and alterations to full unit replacements.

Installation and repair of:

  • Field erected conventional boilers
  • Package boilers
  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s)
  • Once through steam generators (OTSG’s)
  • MSW steam generators
  • Waste heat boilers

With decades of experience in the assembly and installation of new boilers TIW is qualified to assist in every phase of a project. Their dedicated teams ensure installations are carried out safely and in accordance with the project specifications, and industry standards, without compromising schedule and budget. Furthermore, the team is available on a 24 hour basis to respond to any emergency repairs.

Learn more about TIW Steel Platework and how their commitment to quality and continuous improvement can benefit your business.

Field construction is the mainstay of their business

RMF Tank Services is based out of Utah and with their keen expertise in wide variety of storages tank and vessels, combined with their network of partnered fabrication shops, they’re well suited to help you with your field construction projects wherever they may need to be located.

Field construction is their primary service, and they do it very well. They maintain in house engineers, fabricators, welders, and project managers certified to handle the erection of API, ASME, and AWWA standard storage tanks, vessels, and processing equipment for industries such as

  • power and hydroelectric,
  • alternative renewable fuels,
  • industrial water supply and fire prevention,
  • petrochemicals and refining,
  • mining, minerals, and metals,
  • water and wastewater treatment, and
  • aviation.

Learn more about RMF Tank Services and their highly developed field construction services.